Sean Daly & The Shams

Irish Rebel Rock

Sean Daly

Sean Daly grew up during the troubles and from an early age was inspired by music that championed freedom. He listened as the Wolfe Tones sang songs about Ireland, and the Irish Brigade sang songs about the ten. At thirteen he sang “Joe MacManus” in front of more than two hundred comrades. He has carried these songs with him through his life, across the ocean where he finally settled in San Francisco. He played cover songs, and rock and roll, but he longed to sing songs of freedom, he longed to champion his homeland through song, story, and action. When he moved his family back to Ireland he began to find those songs again. The Shams toured throughout Europe and sang Rebel Songs, Sean knowing every word by heart, singing them from his memories as a young boy, and living the music as a homage to what the ten suffered in the H Block cells.

The Shams

“Sham” means “dude” back home where Sean grew up, and he felt it would be a fitting name, a homage to his childhood, and a coming of age for his music and the band he formed.

Finding inspiration in the songs of his childhood Sean looked to his heroes, The Irish Brigade, The Wolfe Tones, The Dubliners, Rory Gallagher, and the Pogues. He collected songs and memories, forming a new generation of Rebel Rock.

The Shams are an eclectic group of musicians with breadth and depth of experience, and a passion for music, blending folk, punk, rock, and traditional sounds, creating a unique musical experience. From an intimate night in a pub to the main stage of the American Music Hall, The Shams bring energy and passion to every set, every song, and every note.

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